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How to unlock BioSamples in BaseSpace using BaseSpace Command Line Interface (CLI)

The BaseSpace CLI tool can be used to do this programmatically using the bs biosample unlock {BioSampleId} command:
For Linux/MacOS:
bs biosample unlock {biosampleID}
For Windows:
bs.exe biosample unlock {biosampleID}
  1. 1.
    biosampleID is the ID of the biosamples to unlock.
  2. 2.
    There is a way to do this programmatically (unlock multiple biosamples in the project) using BaseSpace CLI.
Couple the command above with command below to loop through a list of Biosample IDs within a given project.
bs biosample list --project-id={Project ID} --terse
An example command to unlock multiple biosamples in a project:
  • In Linux or Mac OS:
bs biosample list --project-id={Project ID} --terse | xargs -I @ bs biosample unlock @
  • In Windows Powershell:
Foreach($x in (bs.exe biosample list --project-id={Project ID} --terse)){bs.exe unlock biosample $x}
See Getting Started with BaseSpace CLI for more information.
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