Run Mode options for the NovaSeq X/X Plus

The NovaSeq X/X Plus offers several different options for setting up a sequencing run including Manual, Local, and Cloud options. Each of these will result in different downstream Secondary Analysis workflows and can be leveraged to support your analysis needs.
Manual Mode (Generate BCLs Only)\*
  • Can enter run configuration information directly in Control Software.
  • No Local Secondary Analysis is performed.
  • Can include an optional Sample Sheet during run setup, though this does not affect local Secondary Analysis.
Manual Mode (Import sample sheet for local analysis)\*
  • Imports run setup information from a v2 Sample Sheet to quickly proceed through run setup.
  • Preparing Sample Sheets through BaseSpace Run Planning is recommended, though a template Sample Sheet can also be used.
  • Secondary analysis specified in the Sample Sheet is automatically started on run completion.
Local (On-Instrument)\*
  • Can use the on-instrument Run Planning tool, a v2 Sample Sheet, or a networked computer to input run setup information.
  • Secondary Analysis is performed using local DRAGEN (Dynamic Read Analysis for GENomics) on instrument.
**Cloud (**BaseSpace Sequencing Hub or Illumina Connected Analytics)
  • Use Run Planning setup in BaseSpace Sequencing Hub.
  • Secondary Analysis takes place in Cloud, analysis files will not be available on the instrument.
\*Using Cloud Run Monitoring or Cloud Run Monitoring and Storage
  • To select Cloud Run Monitoring or Cloud Run Monitoring and Storage options during run setup, operator must sign into the NovaSeq X Series Control Software using the Sign in to Illumina Cloud option.
  • This sign in option is available during Control Software initialization or by selecting the Change account button during run setup.
  • If using local instrument login only, Cloud Options will not be available during run setup.
For further information, see the NovaSeq X Plus Product Documentation.
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