Uploading and downloading FASTQ files with BaseSpace CLI Video

BaseSpace Sequence Hub (BSSH) is the Illumina cloud-based platform for data management, storage, and analysis. In addition to uploading instrument run data, locally generated sample data in the form of demultiplexed FASTQs that meet the file upload requirements can also be imported to a project for use as input for data analysis applications. The BSSH web importer allows for single sample uploads with a maximum size of 250 GB and 16 files per upload. In order to upload multiple samples or larger files, the BaseSpace CLI tool is required to communicate directly through the BSSH API. Note that using BaseSpace CLI requires familiarity with operating in a command-line environment. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X, this tool allows for the uploading of data directly to an existing project from the command line.
Video length: 2:16 min
This information is also available in written form. For further information, search for Knowledge Base article How to use BaseSpace CLI to upload FASTQs to BaseSpace Sequence Hub.
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