Troubleshooting "Cannot initiate communication with Universal Copy Service" error

In cases of an internet outage or BaseSpace Sequencing Hub outage, instruments connected to Proactive will lose connection, which may present as control software initialization errors on MiSeq, NextSeq500/550, MiniSeq, and iSeq 100 sequencing systems:
"Cannot initiate communication with Universal Copy Service. Make sure the service is installed and started."
To Troubleshoot:
  • Check if the last run completed copying to the output location by locating the file CopyComplete.txt in the output run folder.
  • If the "CopyComplete.txt" file is not present, manually transfer the run folder to the output location.
  • Important: Only after the full run data is completely transferred to output location proceed with the following steps:
    • Close the control software. If unable to close by selecting exit application or exit to windows, close it through the task manager. The name of the process will be control software or instrument shell.
    • Search for task manager in windows, then right-click, select Run as administrator and input admin password.
    • Locate Universal Copy Service (UCS), right-click, and select end task.
    • Go to folder C:\ProgramData\*\Illumina\UniversalCopyService\
    • Create an Archive folder in C:\ProgramData\\Illumina\UniversalCopyService\ and move all the files, including any .json files, from the C:\ProgramData\\Illumina\UniversalCopyService\Runs folder to the Archive folder.
    • Restart the UCS by searching for Services in windows, then right-click, select Run as administrator and input admin password.
    • Locate Illumina Universal Copy Service, right-click, and select start.
    • Launch the Control Software. Power cycling of the instrument may be needed if initialization fails with the same error.
    • If initialization fails after power cycling, contact Illumina Technical Support.\*Note: The ProgramData folder may be hidden; to un-hide files, click on the View tab in the file explorer window and ensure Hidden items is checked.
For any feedback or questions regarding this article (Illumina Knowledge Article #7067), contact Illumina Technical Support [email protected].
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