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Troubleshooting "@@@ Failed to get temperature" error on the MiSeq

This "@@@---Failed to get temperature" warning message indicates that the MiSeq was unable to read temperature information from a sensor. This usually does not cause the run to stop, and runs can continue to completion with good sequencing metrics.
Troubleshooting steps:1. No action is required if the run does not stop. 2. Power cycle* the MiSeq after the run is completed. 3. If the sequencing run shows any unexpected metrics, contact Illumina Technical Support for run evaluation assistance.
*For further information, see Knowledge articles How to Shut down or power cycle the MiSeq and How To Power Cycle the MiSeq Video.
For any feedback or questions regarding this article (Illumina Knowledge Article #1453), contact Illumina Technical Support [email protected].
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