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How to troubleshoot a "None of the specified endpoints were reachable" error in Local Run Manager

Error context and text:
Run Stuck in Analysis Queued state or Analysis Unsuccessful state in Local Run Manager (LRM) with the error "None of the Specified endpoints were reachable." This can be seen in any version of LRM. Cause of error:
Local Run Manager or RabbitMQ are not running. Troubleshooting steps:
  • Check that Local Run Manager Analysis Service and Local Run Manager Job Service are running in the Task Manager; start either or both if they are not running.
  • Check if the RabbitMQ service is running in the Task Manager; start if not.
    • If RabbitMQ is unable to start, navigate to C:\Users\sbsuser\AppData\Roaming\RabbitMQ\ and delete the "db" folder, then restart the RabbitMQ service from the Task Manager.
  • Requeue the analysis from the LRM dashboard.
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