How to use the Resources page to add custom reference files for Run Planning for NovaSeq X/X Plus runs

While other instrument types and BaseSpace apps allow reference files to be selected directly from Projects, the NovaSeq X/X Plus requires that files be uploaded to the Resources page on BaseSpace.
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    To access the Resources page, select the profile icon at the top right of BaseSpace and select Resources.
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    Custom library and index kits must be uploaded to the Library Prep Kits and Index Adapter Kits sections respectively:
  1. 3.
    Any auxiliary reference files for downstream analysis, such as a target BED file or Panel of Normals CNV, must be uploaded to the Reference Files page:
The File Type must match the exact field that the reference file is being used for. For example, a file uploaded as a BedFile cannot be used in the QC Coverage BED filed of DRAGEN Germline. It must be uploaded as a QcCoverageBedFile file type:
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    Custom genomes built with DRAGEN Reference Builder on BaseSpace must be linked to the Genomes page from the BaseSpace Project in order to be usable in NovaSeq X/X Plus Run Planning:
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