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Wash Error "Binary Part number revision .. byte1 is invalid" on the MiniSeq

When performing wash with a wash flow cell or wash tray, may see the following error:
Error language: Binary Part number revision (0xBEFF) byte 1 (0xBE) in invalid, must be either 0x00, or ASCII for A-Z or 0-9 Parameter name: byte1
This error will occur when attempting to set up a wash using either a wash tray or used flow cell that was used to do a Radio-frequency identification (RFID) check in the MiniSeq Service Software (MnSS). This is typically encountered after an Illumina Field Service Engineer (FSE) visit where the consumables or wash tray were used with an MnSS RFID check test during troubleshooting. This is resolved by changing the RFID status for "Block Read 1" in the Service Software - This should contain all "1", and if the values are "0" they must be switched back using the RFID check-in MnSS.
**Troubleshooting steps:**1. Exit the MiniSeq Control Software (MnCS): select Manage InstrumentShutdown OptionsExit to Windows. 2. Open the MiniSeq Service Software. 3. Select Mechanical & Fluidics Tests. 4. Select RFID. 5. Select Initialize, an icon of two arrowheads chasing each other at top of MnSS. Allow the consumables and to system initialize.
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    The above image shows both correct and incorrect flow cell and reagent cartridge results for this test. Verify which reagent is incorrectly labeled.
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    Re-run the test with the component that has the wrong RFID block (Block Read 1 all "0"). This will "flip" it back to the correct settings.
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    Select HomeExit to MiniSeq Control Software
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    Once MnCS initializes, set up a wash with the consumables. If just the flow cell was switched, MnCS will recognize the flow cell as a used flow cell and allow the wash to proceed.
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