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Illumina reagent shipment packaging FAQs

Why are there different amounts of dry ice in different shipments? Depending on the temperatures that the shipment encounters in transit, there may be differences in the amounts of dry ice left in containers upon delivery. If there is any dry ice left in the container, then the product is good to use. Dry ice quantities have been optimized for ideal product quality in transit. Illumina continues to work on reducing environmental impact and improving customer experience.
Gel packs are not fully frozen. Is this an issue? Gel packs have been validated to maintain temperature for transit durations based on historical data and may not be frozen upon delivery. For any specific concerns or questions about the integrity of the product(s) ordered, contact Illumina Technical Support.
Illumina frozen product boxes are tearing when separating them. Is this a risk to the product? Boxes may freeze together because of condensation and extreme cold due to dry ice. This damage occurs when the boxes are separated immediately after removing from contact with dry ice, is cosmetic only, and does not affect product performance. Letting the boxes sit out at room temperature for approximately 5 minutes after removal from insulated containers will allow them to separate without cosmetic damage.
Why are some shipping containers wet? Condensation on the shipping containers is due to extreme temperature differences between the dry ice and product inside the insulated container during hot and/or humid weather conditions. Shipping containers have passed rigorous thermal and simulated distribution testing, and condensation does not affect the products inside.
My product came shipped at a different temperature than the storage temperature. Is the product okay? To minimize Illumina's environmental footprint and provide an efficient unpacking experience, some products are tested to be able to ship at different temperatures than their recommended storage conditions. Always check the product label for the appropriate storage condition of your products upon receipt. These products have passed rigorous testing and evaluation for product quality throughout Illumina’s global supply chain.
What are the foil/silver bags in dry ice shipments? To minimize condensation, Illumina has implemented metallized bags inside of some longer-duration shipments.
How should shipping containers and insulation be disposed? Refer to the shipping box graphics to determine how to best dispose of (or return) specific shipping containers and insulation. If no instructions are given, boxes can be disposed of through the waste stream.
Why do some shipments include both foam containers and sustainable containers? Shipping container selection depends on the site shipping the product and the availability of locally sourced materials. Illumina continues to increase the percentage of sustainable insulated containers as Illumina is committed to reducing environmental impact. See the Illumina annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report for more information.
The packaging is damaged. Is a replacement product required? Most packaging damages are minor and do not pose a risk to the product. Outer packaging has been designed to take on impact to protect the product inside. For specific concerns or questions about the integrity of the product(s) ordered, contact Illumina Technical Support. Examples of acceptable conditions include:
  • Reduced quantity of dry ice is present with frost still visible.
  • External minor damage to insulated container with no impact to product or any other contents.
  • Creasing on box, surface tears or minor punctures that do not affect readability of label or integrity of box.
  • Box edges slightly bent with creases or tears but integrity of box not impaired.
For any feedback or questions regarding this article (Illumina Knowledge Article #8401), contact Illumina Technical Support [email protected].
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