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BaseSpace Sequence Hub informational resources

BaseSpace Sequence Hub is the Illumina cloud-based platform for data management, storage, and analysis. Data from all current Illumina sequencing platforms can be streamed to and analyzed in the BaseSpace Sequence Hub. Data analysis, using BaseSpace Sequence Hub apps, processes raw sequence data to produce meaningful results for a variety of sequencing applications. In addition, BaseSpace Sequence Hub provides a secure mechanism to share data (with a unique URL or with email invitation) or transfer ownership of data, making it easy to work with collaborators. 
To log in to BaseSpace Sequence Hub, use your MyIllumina customer account credentials or register for free. First-time users will be asked to accept the BaseSpace Sequence Hub user agreement. After that, you are ready to use BaseSpace Sequence Hub.
Some resources to get you started:
A variety of apps are available on BaseSpace Sequence Hub to perform a wide range of sequencing data analyses. These apps require minimal bioinformatics background and empower biologists to process and visualize their data. These apps include Illumina Core Apps that are supported by Illumina Technical Support; Illumina apps in development (BaseSpace Labs apps); and apps developed by 3rd-party organizations, which have their own support path. Any BaseSpace Sequence Hub user can register as a developer to create and publish apps.
In addition, BaseSpace Sequence Hub hosts public data sets that represent various sequencing applications run on Illumina platforms. These data sets can be imported into your BaseSpace Sequence Hub account to explore data analysis pipelines from a given library prep kit, panel, or instrument.
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