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Troubleshooting scratched or damaged flow cells on MiSeq

All MiSeq flow cells undergo Quality Control Inspection prior to shipment.
Flow cells with minor scratches or feather scratches may be used for sequencing, run performance is not typically impacted.
If damage is extensive (eg, the flow cell is cracked or there are multiple deep scratches), contact Illumina Technical Support to provide a picture, lot number, serial number, and reference number for the flow cell.
Troubleshooting steps:
  • Clean off flow cell with an ethanol wipe and dry with a lint-free lens cleaning tissue as detailed in the MiSeq System Guide.
Note: This article applies only to Research Use Only (RUO)/RUO mode MiSeq flow cells.
For any feedback or questions regarding this article (Illumina Knowledge Article #3192), contact Illumina Technical Support [email protected].
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