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Transferring data between a personal account and a Professional workgroup in BaseSpace Sequence Hub

BaseSpace Sequence Hub is the Illumina cloud-based platform for data management, storage, and analysis. There are three BaseSpace Sequence Hub subscription tiers - Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. The Workgroup feature for the Professional and Enterprise tiers gives BaseSpace Sequence Hub users access to pooled storage and analysis resources. Users who are part of a workgroup may want to move their data from their personal account into the workgroup to take advantage of pooled storage and data analysis options. This bulletin describes how to transfer data from a personal account to a Professional or Enterprise workgroup.1. From your personal account (shown as Personal in the Dashboard) select the run or project you want to transfer, then select Transfer Ownership.
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    Enter the email address associated with the workgroup that will be receiving the data and select Continue. If this is the same address you use for your personal login, use the same email address.
3. You will receive a notification regarding the transfer request. When accepting the transfer, a Context to accept invite dropdown menu is available that defaults to Personal. Select the dropdown menu and choose the workgroup. In the example below “TechSupport” is the name of the workgroup.
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    Select Accept to complete the transfer.
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    To move data from a workgroup to your personal account, use the same transfer procedure as above. For the Context to accept invite, select Personal.
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    To set the default location for uploaded runs to a workgroup go the Account section of your BaseSpace Sequence Hub account settings, and select the workgroup in the “Default location for uploaded runs” menu.
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    Transferring data between a Basic or Professional account on a public BaseSpace Sequence Hub domain to an account on a private Enterprise domain requires the use of a collaborative workgroup.
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