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Troubleshooting spent reagent cartridge not detected on NextSeq 500/550

The Unable to detect spent reagent cartridge error on the NextSeq 500/550 indicates the instrument cannot detect that the spent reagent cartridge is present. * This error usually appears while setting up a wash or a sequencing run.
  • It can be related to a communication error or a dirty/broken "spent reagents full" sensor.
**Troubleshooting steps:**1. Clean the Spent Reagents Cartridge sensor with lens paper or a Kim Wipe. 1. The sensor is a black circle above the waste container near the back of the compartment, shown below in Figure 1. 2. If the error persists, power cycle the instrument to reset the sensor communications.​​​ 1. From the instrument home screen, select Manage Instrument. 2. Select System Shut down Options. 3. Select Shut Down (this will shut down software and turn off instrument power). 4. Wait two minutes before turning on the instrument from the button in front. 3. If the error message continues to appear, contact Illumina Technical Support to determine the next steps.
Figure 1. NextSeq 500/550 Spent Reagents Cartridge sensor.
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