Run time estimates for each sequencing step on Illumina sequencing platforms

The run time specifications for Illumina sequencing runs include cluster generation, SBS chemistry cycles, paired-end chemistry, and wash steps. In addition, runs that use non-patterned flow cells pause for a template building step. To aid in planning sequencing workflows and in estimating overall run times, Table 1 summarizes the estimated length of each sequencing step for Illumina sequencing platforms and chemistry versions.
Table 1. Approximate times for each sequencing step per instrument and supported chemistry
\* Template building time will vary based on cluster density ¤ XP workflow is approximately 115 minutes as ExAmp step is skipped

Cycles 2-5 on these runs can take up to 25 minutes each

Estimated run times will depend on cluster density and available computer resources. If the hard drive does not have sufficient space for data processing, or network location speeds are slow, run times may be prolonged. Total run times for the maximum read lengths of Illumina platforms, and other sequencing run specifications, can be found on the Illumina Sequencing Platforms web page.
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