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Can an iScan send notifications when it has completed scanning Infinium beadchips?

The iScan does not have a feature to send notifications when it has completed scanning beadchips. Estimated beadchip scan times (minutes) for different Infinium arrays are provided in the document Infinium Automation Reference Guide. The indicated scan times are based on beadchip scans without issues or errors generated, which can delay or prolong the scanning process.
If using an Autoloader 2.x with iScan(s), the AutoLoader 2.x can be configured to send emails for alerts and summary information. AutoLoader 2.x notifications can be sent to multiple email addresses when a batch run begins and ends, or when warnings or errors are generated. For more information, refer to the "Setting AutoLoader 2.x Options and Email Alerts" (pages 15-17) of the AutoLoader 2.x User Guide.
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