What is the PhiX Control v3 Library and what is its function in Illumina Next Generation Sequencing

The PhiX Control v3 Library (commonly referred to as PhiX, FC-110-3001) is derived from the small, well-characterized bacteriophage genome, PhiX. It is a concentrated Illumina library (10 nM in 10 µl) that has an average size of 500 bp and consists of balanced base composition at ~45% GC and ~55% AT.
Calibration Control
The PhiX Control v3 Library can be sequenced alone and serves as a calibration control for:
  • Cross talk matrix generation
  • Phasing and prephasing calculations
  • Examining the overall performance of Illumina sequencing platforms
For detailed information, see:
Run Quality Monitor
Due to its balanced nucleotide composition, the PhiX Control v3 Library is also an ideal sequencing control (typically with ≥ 1% spike-in) for run quality monitoring; eg, cluster generation, sequencing, and alignment.
Color Balancing
For low diversity libraries, the PhiX Control v3 Library provides balanced fluorescent signals at each cycle to improve the overall run quality. For detailed information, see:
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