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What is the maximum read lengths and total number of cycles for MiSeq kits?

Illumina platforms and sequencing kits allow for a variety of sequencing applications. To ensure the highest level of quality, Illumina supports reads up to a certain length depending on the sequencing platform and SBS kit version.
It is possible to choose a longer read length during run setup in Local Run Manager (LRM) or the instrument control software. However, when the read length exceeds the supported length, Illumina cannot guarantee the data quality.
The table below lists the maximum supported read lengths for the different MiSeq kits.
Reagent Type
Maximum Read Length
Maximum Index Length
Reagent Kit Size
Maximum Number of Total Cycles
Additional Cycles Needed for Dual Index?
MiSeq v2
Not restricted by software
50 cycles
Yes (7 cycles)
MiSeq v2 (Including Micro and Nano Kits)
Not restricted by software
300 cycles
Yes (7 cycles)
MiSeq v2 (Including Nano Kits)
Not restricted by software
500 cycles
Yes (7 cycles)
MiSeq v3
Not restricted by software
150 cycles
Yes (7 cycles)
MiSeq v3
Not restricted by software
600 cycles
Yes (7 cycles)
*Note: if performing single read sequencing, can run up to 1x251 bp read length.
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