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Troubleshooting Green LED Failed polling LED status error on MiSeq

In MiSeq Control Software v4.0.0, some runs have a notification message: GreenLED: Failed polling LED status.
The message typically does not stop the run, nor impact run performance, and is usually due to a communication issue on the instrument.
Troubleshooting Steps:
  1. 1.
    Contact Illumina Technical Support for instructions on how to upload the compressed folders to a secure FTP site for review.
    1. 1.
      From within D:\Illumina\MiSeq Temp[RunFolder]\ InterOp folder RunInfo.xml RunParameters.xml Cycle Logs (found within D:\Illumina\MiSeq Temp[RunFolder]\Logs)
    2. 2.
      From within D:\Illumina\MiSeq Control Software Logs folder
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    Power cycle the MiSeq after the run completes.
  3. 3.
    If the instrument initializes successfully, continue using it for sequencing and monitor the next run.
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    If the instrument fails to initialize, contact Illumina Technical Support.
For further information, search for Knowledge Base articles How to Shut down or power cycle the MiSeq and How To Power Cycle the MiSeq Video.
For any feedback or questions regarding this article (Illumina Knowledge Article #5382), contact Illumina Technical Support [email protected].
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