Software Restriction Policy (SRP) on the iSeq 100

Important note: Illumina strongly recommends only disabling the Windows Security Restriction Policies (SRP) when working in tandem with Illumina personnel to limit the potential for adverse impacts to the instrument and its performance. Additionally, it is critical that the SRP be re-enabled once the intended changes are complete, which Illumina personnel will be sure to confirm.
Windows Software Restriction Policies (SRP) SRP use rules to allow only specified or allow-listed software to run for enhanced security. The best practice is to keep the SRP turned on and with strict rules to prevent unwanted software from running on the instrument's control computer.
To temporarily turn off SRP:* Log into the user account with administrative rights (default on most instruments is the sbsadmin user account).
  • Navigate to C:\Illumina\Security.
  • Double click "disable.reg" and select Yes to confirm the changes.
    • This will disable SRP to allow users to make their intended changes (eg, installing TeamViewer QuickSupport).
  • To re-enable, double check "enable.reg."
    • Navigate to the directory C:\Illumina\Security.
    • Double-click Enable.reg.
  • To reconfigure rules for SRP:
  • Disable SRP (as shown above).
  • Select the Windows Start menu, and then select Run.
  • In the Open field, enter secpol.msc
  • In the Local Security Policy dialog box, expand Software Restriction Policies, and then select Additional Rules.
  • To add a rule: On the Action menu, select New Path Rule.
  • In the Path field, enter the certificate, file name, file extension, or directory to allow.
  • In the Security level list, select Unrestricted. - [Optional] In the Description field, enter a reason for creating the rule.
  • Select OK to add the rule.
  • To delete a rule: a Select the rule to delete, and then select Delete.
  • Select Yes to confirm the deletion.
  • Close the Local Security Policy dialog box.
  • Immediately reinstate SRP: - Navigate to the directory C:\Illumina\Security. - Double-click Enable.reg.
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