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Handling and Disposal Recommendations for Used Reagents on the NovaSeq X/X Plus

The fluidics system of the NovaSeq X/X Plus is designed to route used reagents that are potentially hazardous from the the reagent cartridge to the small used reagent bottle. Reagents from the buffer cartridge that are not typically considered potentially hazardous are routed to the large used reagent bottle.
Cross-contamination between used reagent streams can occur. For safety, assume that both used reagent bottles contain potentially hazardous chemicals including formamide. This information can be found at page 11 of the NovaSeq X Series Product Documentation.
According to the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on the Illumina support page, formamide contained in position #3 of the NovaSeq X/X Plus reagent cartridge is identified by reagent number 15020445 and name LDR1.
Remaining LDR is not purged from the reagent cartridge post-run, but that reservoir is back-flushed with water and, so the remaining formamide in that reservoir is further diluted.
For a single 10B sequencing run at maximum run length (2x151 with dual index), there should be ~430mL of waste in the small waste container. Of that, ~18.5mL should be LDR. Therefore, the LDR gets diluted to ~4.3% of its original concentration (of 99.9%). The specific value for other run configurations will depend on the reagent kit and length of sequencing run.
Spent reagents from both the large and small used reagent bottles must be disposed of according to your local Environmental Health and Safety laws. See the following steps for removing these bottles from the instrument:
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