Best practices for maintaining the computer on a MiSeq

Proper maintenance of the instrument computer minimizes computer-related issues during sequencing runs and the following tips will help maintain the MiSeq computer.
How often these maintenance steps are recommended is dependent on the usage of the instrument. If the MiSeq instrument is used frequently, power cycle the instrument at least once per week.
Power cycle the computer and instrument
  • Power cycling resets the instrument computer, memory usage, and software programs.
  • A power cycle consists of shutting down the instrument and computer, leaving the system off for two to five minutes, then restarting the instrument and computer.
  • The instrument System Guide contains recommendations for proper power cycling.
    • Instruments should be left on at all times, when not being power cycled, to maintain the integrity of the instrument fluidics.
    • Power cycling the instrument computer regularly maintains consistent instrument computer performance.
    • Power cycling the instrument may be required during troubleshooting.
    • The instrument system guide contains recommendations for properly shutting down the instrument and computer for extended periods of time.
For further information, search for Knowledge Base articles How To Power Cycle the MiSeq Video and How to Shut down or power cycle the MiSeq.
Cleaning the hard drives
  • The hard drive on the MiSeq is configured for processing runs and performing on-instrument analyses and is not meant for long-term storage.
  • Data within the MiSeqTemp folder is automatically cleared after 7 days.
  • It is good practice to move old run folders from the MiSeqAnalysis and MiSeqOutput folders to long-term storage regularly.
Language and regional settings
  • Instrument computer language and regional settings are set to English (United States) by default.
  • Do not change this setting.
  • The software is not designed to run in another language.
  • Changing this setting can cause secondary analysis failures and communication problems between the computer and the instrument.
  • Daylight saving settings are enabled by default for correct syncing with BaseSpace Sequence Hub. Do not change this setting.
Security best practice
  • The Illumina Security and Networking web page contains recommendations for security configurations on all Illumina sequencing platforms.
  • For MiSeq specific security recommendations, please reference the MiSeq System Site Prep Guide.
  • Further platform-specific recommendations are found in the instrument site prep guide.
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