How to share BaseSpace runs and project data using 'Get Link' option

Use the following steps to create a share link for BaseSpace Sequence Hub runs and project data. This workflow allows for a run or project to be viewed by anyone with the link.
To share a Run/Project using the Get Link option:
  • Log into BaseSpace.
  • Navigate to the Runs or Projects tab list on BaseSpace.
  • Select the check box next to Run Name or Project Name to be shared.
  • Select the "Share" button above the list
  • Select the "Get Link" option, and Activate a link for the Run/Project.
  • Copy the link and send it to the appropriate recipient(s).
Alternately, use "Send Invitation" to invite specific individual collaborators by email.
Note: The Project and Run owner maintains Run ownership and write access. If Project and Run owner deletes the data, the collaborators lose access to it.
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