User supplied consumables for sequencing on the MiSeq

Users will need to supply the following materials when sequencing on the MiSeq:
  • Stock 1.0 N NaOH (library denaturation) (Note: higher concentration stocks are acceptable)
  • Alcohol wipes, or 70% Isopropyl, or 70% Ethanol (cleaning flow cell and flow cell holder)
  • Sodium Hypchlorite NaOCl, 5% lab grade (for post run wash with template line, required for some workflows, optional for other workflows)
  • Tween 20 (for wash solution)
  • MiSeq Disposable Wash Tubes (for the post-run wash with optional template line wash only part number: MS-102-9999 )
  • Lab Tissue, low lint (for cleaning the flow cell stage)
  • Lens Paper 4 x 6 in (for cleaning the flow cell)
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