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Troubleshooting RFID cannot be written error on the MiSeq

This error can appear during a run as the instrument checks the Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) sensors. It is usually caused by a temporary communication failure and will not stop a run nor affect data quality.
Figure 1: Error language can include "The FPGA reported an error while executing command "RFIDBLKWR 0 19 80000002"; error message: "RFID ERROR STATUS 2 A0000", "PR2RFIDSensor: Cannot write Run ID to RFID tag" or "FlowcellCartridgeRFIDSensor: Cannot write Run ID to RFID tag."
**Troubleshooting Steps:**1. Allow the run to continue. 2. Power cycle the MiSeq before next run.
For further information, search for Knowledge Base articles How to Shut down or power cycle the MiSeq and How To Power Cycle the MiSeq Video.
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