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Details about DRAGEN Metagenomics Kraken2 Database

The below page here provides helpful information for the Kraken2 database.
This page includes all collections of kraken2 databases. It also provides downloads of the files, allowing for evaluation of the content, like what is included in each database or the release date.
In this page, the user can see the Date/Database version and Content information.
For the DRAGEN Metagenomics app version on BaseSpace, the following databases are provided:
  • MiniKraken2 (March 2020)
  • Extended Kraken2 (March 2020)
  • Kraken2 PlusPFP-8 (May 17 2021)
  • Kraken2 Viral (May 17 2021)
This app also supports custom Kraken2-compatible database input as a compressed tar archive.
Explanation for the databases used in this app is below (for other kraken2 databases, see the Kraken2 database page).
Minikraken2 March 2020
Extended kraken2 database March 2020: This will download NCBI taxonomic information, as well as the complete genomes in RefSeq for the bacterial, archaeal, and viral domains, along with the human genome and a collection of known vectors (UniVec_Core).
The expanded Kraken2 database includes the following reference libraries, and was built in March 2020.
  • archaea: RefSeq complete archaeal genomes/proteins
  • bacteria: RefSeq complete bacterial genomes/proteins
  • viral: RefSeq complete viral genomes/proteins
  • human: GRCh38 human genome/proteins
  • fungi: RefSeq complete fungal genomes/proteins
  • plant: RefSeq complete plant genomes/proteins
  • protozoa: RefSeq complete protozoan genomes/proteins
May 17 2021 Kraken2 PlusPFP-8: updated from extended database (March2020) and additional plants added.
Kraken2 viral
For the output of Kraken2, see the following:
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