Specifications for the iSeq 100

Quality and yield specifications for the iSeq 100 are as follows.
Read Length
Total Time
1x36 bp
9 hrs
144 Mb
>85% Q30
1x50 bp
9 hrs
200 Mb
>85% Q30
1x75 bp
10 hrs
300 Mb
>80% Q30
2x75 bp
13 hrs
600 Mb
>80% Q30
2x150 bp
19 hrs
1.2 Gb
>80% Q30
Install specifications are based on the Illumina PhiX control library at supported cluster densities/occupancies.
Total times include cluster generation, sequencing, and base calling with quality scoring on an iSeq 100 System.
The current maximum supported read length is 150 bp for each insert read; however, the instrument will allow for run set up in any configuration as long as the total number of cycles used is fewer than 322 cycles.
Reads Passing filter
Single reads = 4 million
Paired-end reads = 8 million
For 100% PhiX runs, load double-stranded DNA at a final loading concentration of 60 pM.
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