How to check network settings on the MiSeq

The MiSeq is configured to send data to an output folder, which is often located on a network location. The use of BaseSpace Sequence Hub also requires a network connection. If the network connection is not accessible, it should be restored.
Use the following steps to verify the network settings on the MiSeq.
Navigate to the Run Options > Folder Settings tab and confirm that the correct location is listed for:
  • The sample sheet
  • The manifest
  • The output folder
MCS 2.6
MCS 3.1
For MiSeq Control Software (MCS) v4.0, navigate to System Settings > folders and confirm that the correct location is listed for:
  • The Sample Sheet
  • The Output Folder
MCS 4.0
If the above locations are on a network location (ie, not on the C: or D: drive on the instrument), navigate to each of these locations within the file explorer window to confirm that they are accessible.
If all/any of the network locations are inaccessible, the MiSeq may not be connected to a network. Confirm that there is a network connection in the taskbar. If there is no network connection, make sure that the network cable is plugged into the back of the MiSeq. Consult a local network administrator for additional assistance.
If some of the network locations are accessible, then the MiSeq is networked. For any network location that could not be accessed, make sure the location is entered correctly. If another computer in the lab can successfully access the network location, it rules out an issue with that location; the user can work with their local IT to verify the MiSeq has read and write permissions to that folder location.
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