Sequencing primer compatibility of Illumina libraries and recommended library kit for the MiSeq

Illumina offers a wide array of library preparation kits and sequencing platforms for different applications, each with its own coverage and indexing considerations. Table 1 lists the sequencing primers included in the MiSeq reagent cartridges, and the Illumina library preparation kits compatible with the MiSeq platform.
Note: The information in the table below is based on the required data output and indexing capabilities of each kit. Most Illumina libraries can be sequenced with all Illumina sequencing platforms. If a specific Illumina library is not listed below, contact Illumina Tech Support to discuss special considerations.
Refer to the Sequence Coverage Calculator and Library Prep and Array Kit Selector resources for additional information.
Table 1. Sequencing primers for the recommended library types for the MiSeq sequencing platform.
For instructions on how to use custom primers on the MiSeq sequencing platform, refer to the following resources:
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