Bead handling best practices

Bead storage:
  • Store beads at the recommended storage temperature (listed on the tube).
  • Store bead stock tube upright so that the beads are always submerged in buffer.
Bead handling:
  • Pipette bead suspensions slowly.
  • Before use, allow the beads to come to room temperature.
  • Immediately before use, vortex the beads until they are well dispersed. The color of the liquid must appear homogeneous. Vortex throughout protocol as necessary to keep homogeneous.
  • Do not overdry the beads prior to elution.
Bead washing:
  • Use the specified magnetic stand for the plate.
  • Do not agitate the plate while it is on the magnetic stand.
  • Do not disturb the bead pellet.
  • Dispense liquid so that beads on the side of the wells remain wet.
  • Keep the plate on the magnetic stand until the instructions specify to remove it.
  • If beads adhere to the side or top of a 96-well plate, centrifuge at 280 x g for 3 seconds, then pipette to resuspend.
  • If beads are aspirated into pipette tips, dispense back to the plate on the magnetic stand, and wait until the liquid is clear (~2 minutes).
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