Library quantification and quality control quick reference guide

Accurate quantification and proper quality check of next-generation sequencing libraries is key to a successful sequencing run. There are different methods for quantification and quality control depending on the sequencing library kit being used. In this bulletin, we summarize the library quantification and quality control methods for libraries prepared with all current Illumina kits. Use the methods listed in the tables below to validate the final library before sequencing.
DNA Kits Research Use Only
RNA Kits Research Use Only
DNA and RNA kits - Research Use Only
  • Fluorometric method = a double strand DNA-specific fluorescent dye method, such as Qubit, PicoGreen, or AccuClear.
  • Additional information on qPCR quantification can be found in the Sequencing Library qPCR Quantification guide.
  • Not Needed = quality control is not needed with bead-based normalized libraries.
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