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Thumbnail Image naming conventions for the MiSeq

Thumbnails are automatically saved on MiSeq runs. These images may be transferred to ProActive as well if the service is enabled on the system. Thumbnail Images are saved to the following Directory:
Thumbnail_Images\ L001\CX.1 - where X refers to the cycle number.
The Image file naming format is as follows: s_[lane]_[tile number]_[channel].jpg
The Tile number format is as follows: [Surface][Swath][Tile]
Example: s_1_1101_a.jpg indicates lane 1, top surface, swath 1, tile 01, A channel
All MiSeq flow cells have 1 lane, 1 swath, and up to 2 surfaces. Nano flow cells are top surface only, while all other flow cell types include both top and bottom surfaces. Surface 1 = top surface, Surface 2 = bottom surface.
Standard v3 flow cells have 19 tiles. Standard v2 flow cells have 14 tiles. Micro flow cells have 4 tiles. Nano flow cells have 2 tiles.
The tile number is represented in two-digit format, beginning with tile 01.
MiSeq has four channels corresponding to the four different bases (A, C, G, T).
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