Consumable Catalog Numbers for the iSeq 100

The iSeq 100 uses two purchasable consumables for sequencing; the flow cell and the reagent cartridge. These two components are purchased together in a single "sequencing kit," the catalog numbers for which are provided below.
  • 20031371 - iSeq 100 i1 Reagent Kit v2 (300-cycle)
  • 20031374 - iSeq 100 i1 Reagent Kit v2 (300-cycle), 4-pack
  • 20040760 - iSeq 100 i1 Reagent Kit v2 (300-cycle), 8-pack
Note: Because of the improvements made in v2 iSeq 100 reagents (reduction of no-cluster run failures, longer storage time at 2-8° C), the v1 iSeq 100 reagents have been discontinued and are no longer available for sale. The iSeq 100 requires iSeq Control Software v2.0 or later to utilize the v2 reagents.
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