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How to authenticate BaseSpace CLI to workgroup

When typing bs auth, it authenticates BaseSpace CLI to a personal account by default if a user does log into BaseSpace Sequence Hub before pasting the link into the browser.
To set the workgroup as default configuration, log into the desired domain and/or workgroup prior to pasting the link into the browserD. The bs auth -- force command may be needed if the user has already authenticated the personal account. This command overwrites the current config and set the workgroup as default config. Copy the URL generated and paste into a browser, then accept the authentication request.
To keep the personal account as default config and create a separate config for a workgroup or vice versa, use the -c [config-name] option to generate additional authentication configurations. Then when running commands, they also must include the config flag, such as:
bs -c upload... bs -c whoami
For further information, see the CLI overview page.
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