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What are the MiSeq dimensions and placement requirements?

The MiSeq instrument dimensions are as follows:
  • Height - 68.6 cm (27 in.)
  • Width - 52.3 cm (20.6 in.)
  • Depth - 56.5 cm (22.2 in.)
  • Weight - 57.2 kg (126 lbs.)
Placement Requirements
Position the instrument to allow proper ventilation and access for servicing. Use the following minimum clearance dimensions to make sure that the instrument is accessible from all sides.
  • Sides - Allow at least 61 cm (24 in.) on each side of the instrument.
  • Rear - Allow at least 10.2 cm (4 in.) behind the instrument.
  • Top - Allow at least 61 cm (24 in.) above the instrument. If the instrument is positioned under a shelf, make sure that the minimum clearance requirement is met.
For more lab environment considerations, see the MiSeq Site Prep Guide.
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