What is restricted when a BaseSpace Basic user exceeds 1TB storage limit

When a BaseSpace account with a Basic subscription exceeds the 1TB storage limit, a banner at the top of the page will state that the account has exceeded the 1TB storage limit.
In order to restore functionality on BaseSpace, users that exceed the 1TB storage limit must delete data from their account and empty their trash bin containing the deleted data (data in trash counts towards total storage).
Only Basic users are affected by exceeding the 1TB storage limit; Professional and Enterprise users pay for their storage costs using iCredits.
Exceeding the 1TB storage limit will restrict users from doing the following:
  • Sharing Runs and Projects with others.
  • Transferring ownership of Runs or Projects to others.
  • Requeuing FASTQ Generation.
  • Running analysis apps.
Note: Users will still be able to upload Runs to BaseSpace from their instruments after a sequencing run, and automated FASTQ generation will still occur once the run completes the upload.
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