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Adding Illumina to TeamViewer allowlist

Companies/sites that use licensed copies of TeamViewer instead of TeamViewer QuickSupport can sometimes have security restrictions preventing Illumina Technical Support from connecting to their instruments via TeamViewer.
This article has instructions for adding connections from Illumina to the TeamViewer allow-list to facilitate these screen share connections.
**Instructions for adding Illumina to TeamViewer allow-list:**1. To allow only specific TeamViewer accounts or TeamViewer IDs remote access to a device, set up an allow-list. 2. In the TeamViewer full version, select Extras > Options > Security > Block and Allow-list > Select Configure... 3. A new window will open. Activate the second option, Allow access only for the following partners, then select Add. 4. After selecting Add, either choose partners saved on the computers & contacts list, add a whole company (only visible if computer is part of company profile), or add TeamViewer IDs or contacts manually to the allow-list. 5. Select 'Manually add contact to your Allow-list' and then type ILLUMINA INC into the field.
  • This allows any connections from Illumina's licensed corporate account to connect to this instrument.
For any feedback or questions regarding this article (Illumina Knowledge Article #3777), contact Illumina Technical Support [email protected].
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