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Using network file shares for data input and output in iScan Control Software (ICS)

To import DMAP files and export scanned data files to a network file share in iScan Control Software (ICS), see the following configuration steps.1. Before starting ICS, map the network file share to the user account used to run ICS. Make sure to cache any credentials by selecting Remember my Credentials. 2. Find the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path of a drive: 1. Launch the Windows Command Prompt (cmd). 2. Enter the command net use. 3. The full UNC path of all network drives connected to the system is displayed, along with their associated windows drive letter. 3. Enter the full UNC path in the input and output fields in ICS.
  • A UNC path uses a double backslash to precede the name of computer or server, for example \server\level1\level2.
  • Do not use a mapped network drive path (such as Z:).
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    After the UNC path is entered in the relevant field, the browse button can be used to select subfolders in the mapped drive.
Note: ICS remembers the last UNC path selected so after this process is done, ICS uses the same input and output paths as in previous configurations.
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