User Accounts and Password Management on the NovaSeq X/X Plus Instrument

The NovaSeq X/X Plus Linux Operating System has three accounts:
  • Root (super administrator)
  • ilmnadmin (administrator)
  • ilmnuser (user)
The ilmnadmin (administrator account) is intended only for applying system updates, like updating the NovaSeq X/X Plus Control Software, or for use by IT staff to mount a persistent network drive. Perform all other functions, including sequencing, from the ilmnuser account.
The Field Service Engineer (FSE) initiates a password change for all three accounts after completing instrument installation.
The NovaSeq X/X Plus Series Control Software has the following user groups:
  • Sequencer Operators: Allows users to perform sequencing and access all sequencing features. To access the control software on-instrument, the user must be part of the sequencing operator group. Users are automatically added to the sequencer operator group.
  • Administrator: Allows users to access all administrator functions in settings. Assign the administrator group when adding a user.
The Control Software Password settings use the following defaults.
  • Password expiration: 90 days.
  • Invalid sign-in attempts: Five attempts.
  • Automatic sign-out time: 30 minutes.
If locked out of a user account, search for Knowledge Base article: How to change passwords for the Control Software user accounts on the NovaSeq X/X Plus.
To create a new user account, search for Knowledge Base article: How to create new user accounts for the Control Software on the NovaSeq X/X Plus.
For additional information, see the system configuration section of the NovaSeq X/X Plus Product Documentation.
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