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Technical resources for the HiSeq X system

A comprehensive list of resources needed to set up, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot the HiSeq X Ten and HiSeq X Five sequencing systems is on the HiSeq X Support page. Specific documentation links are found below.
HiSeq X System Lab Setup and Site Prep Guide Includes information for lab specifications and requirements to prepare a site for the HiSeq X system.
HiSeq X System Guide System overview and instructions for operating and maintaining the HiSeq X instrument.
HiSeq X System quality and performance specifications This web page provides run specifications, including output and quality specifications expected per run for both dual- and single-flow cell run setups on HiSeq X.
HiSeq X Series of Sequencing Systems specification sheet Introduces the $1000 genome and provides an answer to population and production scale Whole-Genome Sequencing. Specifications for the instrument control computer, operating environment, laser specifications, instrument dimensions, and power requirements are also included.
Read 1 Primer Rehyb on a HiSeq X Flow Cell Technical Note Instructions for performing Read 1 Primer rehybridization on a HiSeq X flow cell using the HiSeq X cBot Multi-Primer Rehybridization Kit v2.
Calculating Percent Passing Filter for Patterned and Nonpatterned Flow Cells Technical Note Outlines differences between percent passing filter calculation for patterned and nonpatterned flow cells.
Online Training Courses Online trainings and recorded webinars include To access additional online training courses, navigate to Training website, and under “Filters” select Training Type > Training and Videos > Online Training* An overview of ExAmp cluster amplification workflow
  • Expert Video Tips on run setup
  • Instrument maintenance
  • Run quality interpretation.
Safety Data Sheets Safety Data Sheets contain information to help with appropriate reagent handling and disposal practices. To obtain this information, enter the kit catalog number, language, and region/country, then select Search. Additional technical resources are available 24/7 at the HiSeq X Sequencing System support website.
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