BaseSpace 16S Metagenomics App General Information

General Information:
The 16S Metagenomics App on BaseSpace Sequence Hub can be viewed here.
  • Available versions: v1.0.1 and v1.1.0
  • Purpose of App: Taxonomic classification of 16S rRNA targeted amplicon reads using the selected taxonomic database.
Databases available:
  • Illumina-curated version of GreenGenes May 2013 (available on all app versions).
  • RefSeq RDP 16S v3 May 2018 DADA2 32 bp (app v1.1.0 only).
  • UNITE Fungal ITS Databases v7.2 (app v1.1.0 only).
  • Custom (app v1.1.0 only; prior to use, a custom reference database must be created using the 16S Metagenomics Database Creator app).
Required Input:
  • Sample Fastq files. Requirements:
    • Read Length at least 100 bp.
    • Each dataset is less than 50 Gigabases.
  • Optional: If using a custom database, the .DAT file produced by 16S Metagenomics Database Creator.
Aggregate Results:
  • PDF Aggregate report.
  • CSV files for each sublevel classification.
Individual Sample Results:
  • PDF Report (includes tables, graphs, and charts).
  • Summary.csv (full taxonomic classification of reads with the number of reads and percent).
Additional Information
  • The 16S Metagenomics App workflow is the same as the Metagenomics workflow in MiSeq Reporter and 16S Metagenomics Module in Local Run Manager.
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