Proper care of Tecan robot fluidics

System Liquid
Make sure that sufficient system liquid is in the system liquid carboy and that the system liquid is clean.
  • Always confirm that the intake tubing is below the system liquid line in the carboy
  • Fill the carboy frequently to prevent the risk of the fluid level running too low
  • Keep the carboy opening covered to prevent contamination from entering the system liquid
  • Periodically empty and clean the carboy as the interior surfaces can become moldy over time
Make sure that the fluidics lines are fully primed before use. Fully primed lines are especially important after periods of inactivity.
  • Conduct a tip bleach wash followed by a minimum of 3 Sys Wash routines before use. Additional Sys Wash routines can be run as desired
  • Watch for excessive bubbles in the syringes during pipetting steps. If bubbles are present, repeat additional Sys Wash routines
  • If the system liquid carboy runs dry, conduct repeated Sys Wash routines to prime the fluidics lines after refilling the carboy
Bleach Washing
Perform periodic bleach washes to minimize potential growth in fluidics lines and to clean the tips.
  • Perform a tip bleach wash (Robot QC Tasks > Robot Bleach Wash > Option 0) daily before each use. Immediately remove the bleach trough from the robot deck after use to help eliminate bleach fumes
  • Do not perform a system bleach wash.
Water Circulator for TeFlow
Check for proper fluid levels in the water circulator, which controls the temperature of the TeFlow unit.
  • Before each use, open the lid and make sure that water is above the heating coils. If the fluid level is low, replenish as necessary with water prepared in a 1:200 dilution of anti-microbial additive. It is not necessary to drain the existing fluid
  • Confirm that the lid is securely in place to minimize evaporation
For full details on any of the above items, consult the Infinium Assay Lab Setup and Procedures Guide document available on our website.
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