Differences between the Illumina Stranded and TruSeq Stranded RNA library prep kits

Illumina Stranded RNA and TruSeq Stranded RNA library prep kits provide sequencing solutions for discovering, profiling, and quantifying RNA transcripts.
Stranded mRNA kits
The Illumina Stranded mRNA and TruSeq Stranded mRNA workflows capture mRNAs by poly-A selection and enable analysis of the coding transcriptome.
Stranded Total RNA kits
The Illumina Stranded Total RNA and TruSeq Stranded Total RNA workflows retain RNAs following depletion of rRNA and abundant transcripts. These workflows enable analysis of the coding and noncoding transcriptome.
For more information on Illumina Ribo-Zero Plus depletion, refer to the rRNA Depletion using Illumina Ribo-Zero Plus bulletin.
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