Understanding BaseSpace Sequence Hub iCredit usage reports

BaseSpace Sequence Hub (BSSH) is the Illumina cloud-based data management and analysis platform. There are three tiers of BSSH users - Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. Professional and Enterprise users have access to analysis applications and additional storage space. Compute costs incurred by analysis applications and data storage over 1 TB are paid for with iCredits. This bulletin explains the iCredit usage consumption reports available to Professional and Enterprise administrative users. The page provides an approximate cost of running various analysis pipelines on a per sample basis.
How to find the usage reports**:**
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    When logged in to the administrator’s account, select Settings in the dropdown menu at the top right of the BaseSpace menu.
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    In the available settings options, select Usage. This panel shows the usage for both the current billing cycle and the previous billing cycle.
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    Select Download to download the usage summary for past billing cycles as a CSV file for offline viewing.
Understanding app usage calculations:
BaseSpace Sequence Hub apps that incur a compute cost show the cost in iCredits on the app info page. The cost in iCredits may be listed as per node hour or as a fixed cost. Many apps can run samples on multiple nodes to save on overall analysis time.
After app computation completes, the total iCredit cost for app is displayed on the app session Analysis Info page.
Example usage calculation:
The following example demonstrates the approximate app compute charge calculation:
RNA-Seq Alignment costs 3 iCredits per node hour. In the screen shot below, two samples were run on two nodes for about 8 hours.
Compute Charge = iCredits per node hour * analysis time * number of nodes used
= 3 * 8 * 2
= 48
The cost difference is due to differences in input sample size and compute times on two different nodes (see screen shot below). The final calculation is based on actual compute time used for each sample in each node. These calculations can help in budgeting compute costs.
Monthly Usage Report:
Select the Download button on the Usage page to download a CSV file with detailed app usage per month for a given workgroup. A detailed CSV report of usage can also be viewed on the admin’s personal page. There are two sections on this file, one for App Usage and another for Storage Usage. Only apps that completed analysis will incur a charge. FASTQ generation app sessions and failed app sessions do not incur any charges.
App Usage Example:
Storage Usage Example:
Explanation of charges:
App Fee
The non-compute time iCredits fee to use the app. The fee may be per use or may cover a limited-time subscription. See each app's detail screen for pricing information.
Compute Time Rate
The number of iCredits charged per node hour.
Compute Time Used
The number of fractional hours used for this app session.
Compute Charge
The compute time used multiplied by the number of node hours used for this app session.
Storage Overage Charges
$0.03 per GB per month charge ($0.00000000000093 per byte per day) on storage amounts exceeding the allotment (may be subject to change).
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